AdeQuaTE Conference Papers/Presentations

Zertifikation: Weiterbildungsinvestititionen lohnt sich das? Raymond Saner und LIchia Yiu, 2007

ISO 10015: Warum die Zertifizierung sinnvoll sein kann Gespraech mit Professor Raymond Saner

La Formation est-elle rentable?, Lichia Yiu and Raymond Saner, 2005

"Enhancing Training Quality Through Effective Instructional Design & Training Delivery" by Lichia Saner-Yiu, 2000

"Quality Evaluation in a Diversified Higher Education System - Summary of Group Discussion" at OECD/MOE International Seminar on the Development of Higher Education and Financing Policies. 12-13 July 2004. Beijing, People's Republic of China. , Lichia Yiu

"How to Ensure ROI in e-Training and e-Education: ISO 10015 Certification. A Learning System Management Solution" at International Seminar on e-Education and e-Learning: Benchmarking the Best Practices in Using Information Technology. 28 June 2004. Hong Kong, China. , Lichia Yiu, 2004

Die neue Norm ISO 10015 fuer die betriebliche WeiterbildungDie neue Norm ISO 10015 fuer die betriebliche Weiterbildung, Raymond Saner, Economiesuisse, Oktober 2004

ROI + Treinamento= ISO 10015, Raymond Saner & Lichia Yiu, 2003

Die neue ISO 10015: Die Norm fuer Aus-und Weiterbildung Raymond Saner & Lichia Yiu

Treinamento de Qualidade e Recursos Humanos de Qualidade: Factore chave de Competitividade para países et empresas, Raymond Saner, Sao Paolo, 2001