Challenges for Foreign Ministries: Managing Diplomatic Networks and Optimising Value

“Learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge…has become an absolute necessity for today’s diplomatic actors.”

Prof. Lichia Yiu, President, Academy for Quality in Training and Education AdeQuaTE),
and Prof. Raymond Saner, Director, Diplomacy Dialogue.

The presentation, “Value from Training: A Requisite Management System ISO 10015 and Its Application” made by Prof. Yiu and Prof. Saner presents a solution to challenges in providing sufficient bases for competence development.

“Diplomatic academies need to identify all their clients and potential users, to get them to participate in the setting of training goals. Quality assurance is an essential form of process control, and a new standard, ISO 10015 has emerged as a management tool, to address the outcomes of training. The goal of ISO 10015 is to ensure individual learning will lead to performance improvement and increases in organisational productivity.”

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