What does it mean for Companies to obtain AdeQuaTE 10015+ certification?

It means that they want to install an effective and efficient training system that will allow them to develop their core competences needed to support business objectives and to sustain competitive advantage. While India is increasingly facing talent crunch and companies have to spend much more resources in retaining and rewarding its competent staff, a third party certified AdeQuaTE 10015+ training system would help companies accelerate the process from learning to application at the work site, enhance the benefits of internal development of talents and to reduce misuse and of valuable training resources.

AdeQuaTE 10015+ Certification also means excellence in training system management. While knowledge has become one of the key ingredients, an AdeQuaTE 10015+ certified system signifies to the customers, employees and the market alike that the organisation is serious in its effort to develop its people as the most important asset.