What is AdeQuaTE 10015?

The ISO 10015 Quality Standard for Training is a sector specific quality assurance system. It focuses on training processes at the workplace. It was developed by a group of experts from twenty-five ISO member countries and became available to the public in the year 2000.

AdeQuaTE 10015 is a standard that is easily understandable for organisations used to ISO related Quality instrument since it is based on the process oriented concepts of the new 9000:2000 ISO family of standards.

AdeQuaTE 10015 complements ISO 9001:2000 Standard and further elaborates on the clause 6.2.2 -- “Awareness, Competence and Training” and gives clear guidance for its implementation. Compared with ISO 9001, AdeQuaTE 10015 offers three main advantages namely:

  1. Being sector specific, that is oriented towards workplace learning and training design, the standard offers organisations specific guidance in aligning their training investment with their business objectives; and
  2. Offering a clear roadmap for analysing the performance gaps at the organisational level and in making related training investment decisions;
  3. Providing state of the art guidelines in managing the training operation so that efficiency and effectiveness could be attained.

AdeQuaTE®, the Academy for Quality in Training and Education in Geneva, specialises in quality assurance of training systems and is the only certification body in the world based on the AdeQuaTE 10015 Standard.