In which countries is it popular? Which are the prominent companies around the world who have obtained AdeQuATE 10015+ certification?

China was one of the first countries that adopted AdeQuATE 10015+ standard in 2001 as a national standard and made it a working requirement for Chinese training institutions affiliated with the economic sector. Heier Group company, a Chinese company with a revenue of 1.6 billion USD in 2005, is one of three companies in China that have obtained AdeQuATE 10015+ certification by AdeQuaTE®. The other two companies are JAC Automobile Company Ltd. and Shanghai Telecom Company (Nanhui Branch).

The most recent company that achieved AdeQuATE 10015+ certification and registration is Ernst and Young Bahrain.

In other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, India, Switzerland, Taiwan and USA, AdeQuATE 10015+ certification work and training of lead auditors have started. Some leading Swiss companies in the financial services have gone through pre-audits and are in the process of finalising their preparation for certification.