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Attrition rates have been high in several of the key sectors of the Indian Economy leading to discussions about which could be the best retention strategies to counter high labour turnover. Measurements are scarce of HR functions in Indian . This article contributes to the measurement of Indian HR function by reporting on the findings of a survey of attrition in Indian companies and by discussing the possible strategies chosen by Indian companies to counter costly labour turnover. The authors question the causal link assumed by a large number of Indian companies that higher attrition can be contained through the payment of higher compensation packages. Paying higher salaries to retain staff increases operational costs without that this measure can guarantee lower attrition or ensure positive performance levels.  The authors instead suggest that Indian companies should.

Comments to McKinsey Survey of Training (July 2010) by Professor Lichia Yiu

20100123-iconIt can be difficult for the uninitiated to understand in-company training. Most companies will say that “employees are our most important asset” and “we are committed to developing our human resources”, but managers may still know little about the actual return on training activity. Has it been useful? For whom? What has been achieved?

This article is published in Brazil in Portuguese.

20091114-iconThe survey questionnaire was sent to 100 European companies, of which 34 responded. The highest response rate was from companies in France, Great Britain and Switzerland. Others were from Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Participating companies were mostly large and medium-sized enterprises engaged in construction, banking, industrial goods, insurance, automobiles, media and communications, and pharmaceuticals ...

"This article first appeared in the November 2009 issue of ISO Focus magazine and is reproduced with the kind permission of the ISO Central Secretariat”

Centre for Social Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND), the parent organisation of the AdeQuaTE, with the support of the Confederation of Indian Industries carried out an on-line survey regarding employee turnover. Results of this on-line survey is published in the “Research Report”, 2008, Lichia Yiu and Raymond Saner, Geneva.