Why is it important for the CEO and for business executives?

The ISO 10015+ certified QA system is well received by many business executives and CEOs because they can now rely on their training system to deliver expected competence development of their staff which in turn helps sustain the company’s performance capability.

The ISO 10015+ certified QA system ensures an effective impact of training investment on organizational performance. It helps to elevate the T&D (Training and Development) approach to a level fitting with financial management and indirectly facilitates the change of HR from traditional training to a business-impact function. An ISO 10015+ certified QA system supports an organisation’s effort in quantifying and converting people-management results into dollars. CEOs and business executives can then feel confident that the training function will deliver learning which is seamless with the performance requirements of the business.

The challenge for the executives however, is that they need to become learning partners of the HR and training department and support them in developing the human capital resource of the organisation.