AdeQuATE 10015 a new concept?

AdeQuATE 10015 Standard is organised around two key principles. The first principle is that it helps organisations identify performance gaps. The second principle is that it ensures that the process used to address the performance gap through training is done adequately and appropriately. In general, these principles have been around for a relatively long time.

According to the State of Industry Report put out by the ASTD, American Society for Training and Development, most of the companies except the companies known for their excellence, tend not to implement the best practices of training management. Therefore adoption of ISO 10015 training management system is important because it will help ensure that BOTH line managers and training managers participate in applying best practices to corporate training and human resource development.

The critical question is whether HRD professionals are actually aligning their work according to these principles and whether they are able to carry out these principles. Thus, AdeQuATE 10015 is important because it helps ensure that managers remain committed to applying the best practices of organisation-focused training.