What is the Unique Selling Points (USP) of AdeQuaTE 10015+ standard in comparison with EFQM and other standards available for training?

The USPs of AdeQuaTE 10015 are:

  1. It is a third-party based audit, hence transparent, objective and neutral. Peer review, which is the approach of EFQM, can be biased due to over indulgent self reporting .
  2. It covers solely the core elements of an effective and high performance training system. Therefore AdeQuaTE 10015 is economical and easy to operate while EFQM can be more laborious and cumbersome as its scope is much broader.
  3. The structured tracking system of AdeQuaTE 10015+ supports a scientific approach to training management and continuous improvement.
  4. It requires clear commitment to evaluation of training and ensures alignments between training units and line management and between training investments with business strategies (Figure 1).